TRAC – Communication solution for ATM’s

TRAC offers a combined hardware and software communication solution for all types of service terminals such as ATM’s, packaged as a Network-as-a-Service


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Who We Are

A combination of creative thinking and expertise

We continue to uphold our exceptionally high levels of service and quality in the ATM communication we offer.
We are always striving to become even better, constantly seeking improvement in every aspect. Our commitment to surpassing customer expectations drives us to refine our processes, enhance our offerings, and embrace innovation.

By maintaining a relentless pursuit of excellence, we ensure that our service and quality consistently set new standards in the industry.

Modern web portal interface

The portal is responsive which makes the work easy on a mobile phone (e.g. for a field technician) as well as a computer or dashboard screen.

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Due to its simple offering structure, TRAC can easily be scaled up and down depending on your business needs. In addition, you may also pause an already active installation for a shorter period for e.g. relocation.

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60+ countries

TRAC is offered at fixed price level in more than 60+ countries in the world.

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Secure and reliable

TRAC automatically select the strongest signal as well as provider when using a mobile connection.
Connecting an additional wired connection makes TRAC a fully redundant solution.

Reduced communication costs

The TRAC solution can be offered across the world with the same cost-effective pricing model and quality.
Operational stability and remote administration results in a minimum of onsite visits by technicians. 


TRAC 900- and 1000- series can be configured as a 4-in-one solution allowing TRAC to be used for multiple services which increases the reliability as well the cost benefit, e.g. alarm traffic and camera surveillance.

Meet Our Business Team

TRAC Business Team:

Please feel free to contact our business team for a demonstration or a quotation.

Olle Florell


Thomas Viktorsson

Founder & Business Developer

Einar Sköthagen

Business Developer

Hannah Arnell


Meet Our Tech Team

TRAC Tech Team:

Dennis Andersson

Support and monitoring

Andreas Bjureström

Support and monitoring

Jonathan Norrby

Support and monitoring

André Mörrby

Support and monitoring

TRAC Dev Team:

Magnus Löfqvist


Chris Andersson