About VMI-Systems

Company profile

VMI Systems offers customized communication solutions for service terminals such as ATM’s, Kiosks and Vending-machines. The company has a customer-centric approach in order to deliver a solution that is adapted to the specific conditions of each customer.

*VMI Systems is a division within VMI IT Services and was established 1995 with a base in the Stockholm region in Sweden. Parent company website: www.vmi.se (Swedish)

Proud member since 2018
VMI Systems is a member of ATMIA, an independent, non-profit trade association with a mission to promote ATM convenience.

Message From the Founder

VMI is a company with ambitious goals in terms of the quality of service we deliver and the level of customer service we provide. With over 30 years of existence, the company boasts a well-established organization. Our objective is to offer highly cost-effective ATM communication services.

Service and quality are the pillars of our foundation

Thomas Viktorsson
Founder and Business Developer