Uninterrupted Power Supply

TRAC PowerUPS is an uninterrupted power supply for TRAC units. It is equipped with two 4-pin DC ports for power input and output. The input voltage ranges from 9V to 30V and output of 12VDC when operated from the battery.
TRAC PowerUPS keeps the TRAC device running up to 6 hours.
The unit is fully integrated into the TRAC web portal. It stores all events and can send alarm in the event of e.g. a power outage.
This also facilitates troubleshooting of lost contact with ATM.
Together with TRAC PowerRelay option it is also a helpful tool to minimize unnecessary onsite visits.

Connector 4-pin industrial DC power socket
Input power/max charging current Charger: Max 4 W/300 mA (max battery charging current)
Input protection Reverse polarity protection, Overvoltage protection
Output voltage in passthrough mode 9 – 30 VDC

Output voltage in battery mode 12 VDC
Output protection 3A overcurrent protection
Max output power/ current in battery mode 22 W/1.8 A
Battery capacity 2300 mAh (17 Wh)

Power IN 1 x 4 pin DC connector
Power OUT 1 x 4 pin DC connector
Status LEDs LEDs 1 x IN PWR LED, 1 x OUT PWR LED, 4 x Power status
Switch ON/OFF slider switch

Alarm Output 1x Active HIGH output, max output 12 V, 2.5 m