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Solution overview

TRAC offers a solution for transport of encrypted communication from any service terminal such as ATM’s, kiosk’s or vending-machines to a switch or other types of service providers. The solution consists of hardware and software to monitor and to control the appliance with, all packaged as Network-as-a-Service (NaaS).

VMI System solutions provides a stable transport of communication link through Internet by LAN/fibre connection and as well mobile GPRS, 3G or 4G. TRAC also supports multiple connection types for full redundancy / failover. It has a documented high reliability and uptime to provide a secure communication link.

Connection is at all times AES-256 encrypted and fulfils Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard. All communication links are continuously monitored by VMI.

The administrative web portal allows real-time monitoring of the communication network between ATM service terminals to the switch provider or any other type of provider.
The portal contains features that provide full traceability inside the system and with the ability to execute specific commands towards the hardware. TRAC web portal can also perform network trends analysis or configure to dispatch alerts through email and SMS.

Key benefits

A small form factor makes it possible to install TRAC hardware inside any ATM service terminal. Compatible with all major ATM manufacturers and switch providers in the world.

Offered on a flexible basis and service levels are agreed depending upon customer needs. Help desk is available 24x7x365 for all customer critical issues.

Cost effective
Offered as a NaaS which reduces any cost for purchasing and maintaining the hardware, software and as well any operational cost.
A significant amount of our customers has chosen TRAC as a stable mobile connection link (GPRS/3G/4G) which significantly reduces operating costs. Roaming fees are regulated by EU. The TRAC solution is mobile data operator independent.
Costs can be furthermore reduced as TRAC supports multiple services such as burglar alarm, camera monitor and door control.